December 13, 2012

More tiny tweaks

Hello, everyone, and how are you this fine, sunny Thursday? It is a beautiful day here, too bad a doctor visit used up most of it indoors and left me disinclined to be productive once finally home. 

When I showed a picture of our headboard area, I mentioned two nails still in place from the former room arrangement. Here is what I do at Christmas:
I string that felt flower garland between them. 
To the left  is the cat who seems likely to be re-named Bitter, in light of her personality. The orange  and white on the right is Butterball, and of course, Miss Flossie needs no introduction. 
Oops, no need for that messy night stand to have its picture taken!
Here you see Trixie and on the mantel, Butterball's brother Junior. I also moved the cat bed and green cushion so the other pillows can be seen. The throw pillows, pillow cases, folded quilt at the foot of the bed and Good Night sign are all thrift store finds. The long needlepoint cushion is a favorite, with its leaves and red berries.
There are a couple of the usual prime suspects when a crash is heard somewhere in the house, those two and the elusive Tilly, sister of Butterball, but a million times more scared. 

The dark red quilt is from Pottery Barn and looked brand new when purchased at the Assistance League shop for $15 a couple of years ago. I don't recall exact prices for the pillows, but they were all from Sand Dollar, so probably under $3 each. There is little holiday flair in our room, because the furry friends can access most of the furniture and it probably wouldn't last long. I'm still mourning my attempt to decorate the dining room light fixture with garlands. Freddy thought they were special kitty grass just for him and was happy to stand like a meerkat nibbling on them endlessly. The bathroom fares better, since holiday hand towels don't have the same feline appeal, evidently. 

Do you decorate only in your public rooms, or all over your house? 

Until tomorrow,

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Tricia said...

Your headboard-mantel decor really is gorgeous, and I love the seasonal addition. I also got a kick out of seeing your furry friends -- who clearly adore your bed and probably wondered why you were taking photos of their favorite napping spot.