December 4, 2012

Holiday Reading

Hello, friends, I hope you're having a good day so far.

Another aspect of my decorating that coincides with one of my dearest loves is a collection mostly children's Christmas books; here are a few of my favorites.
This adorable book was written but never published until 1970, when it finally saw the light of day. The author and illustrator did Flossie Fisher's Funnies, a regular feature in the Ladies' Home Journal before 1915. The story is about a family of mice who help Santa out one Christmas Eve. It has charming  pictures.


This sweet book is written from the viewpoint of Vicky Austin, age seven, one December when the family is expecting another baby while planning for the holiday.

Of course, The Jolly Christmas Postman is impossible to resist, with its envelopes full of enticing items brought by everyone's favorite mail carrier.

My friend Holly, who lives in Dallas sent me this cute little book one year. It is from 1946 and is a simple story of different birds quarreling over food left out for them and the wonderful surprise they find one day. 

This merry troop of brownies helped an elderly couple celebrate the holiday and were in turn surprised by them. The illustrations are cute and the print looks like hand printing.

This is a special favorite of mine because of its setting, in Fredericksburg, a small town in central Texas. When a brother and sister go to visit their aunt and uncle there in December they have wonderful and sometimes magical experiences. 

This is a funny book by the author of the Pippi Longstocking tales about a little  girl who had plenty of self confidence and saved the day when a tree shortage threatened.
This little book is from a sermon by the famous preacher, Peter Marshall, talking of the joys of Christmas, and urging people to keep the spirit throughout the year, not just on December 25.

 This little book from the 1950s tells of an adventurous lamb who made his way to the manger to visit the Holy Family and was forever changed.

Much more recent but equally sweet is this picture book by Mary Engelbreit that combines mice, the holiday and learning the  alphabet for a joyful toddler experience.

This book is just plain funny, a total hoot to cat owners, illustrated with hilarious photographs. 

So here are a few of my favorite Christmas books. Do you have favorites you bring out each year?  These and other stay in a special tub with a holly design under the coffee table year round, because they wouldn't do well in the heat and damp of the attic. Is there an all time hit from your childhood you found a copy of to share with your own children, or the custom of buying a new story each year? Does your family incorporate books into your special  traditions? 

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Protector of Vintage said...

You have a lovely Christmas book collection!!

Tricia said...

I enjoyed reading about some of your Christmas books! The only one of those we own is The Jolly Christmas Postman. I just ordered several Christmas books to send to Emily, but I'll wait awhile to send that particular title!