February 4, 2014

A little more sweetness

Hello, all,

I'm still working on sweetening up our living space, so here are a few more places:

The end table by the sofa has a little red plate that says "Cutie Pie" sitting in the twig chair, along with a miniature suitcase with a heart on it. The handle has a rose and big net bow. Sorry about the light from the front door.

The little red box has its full share of hearts and flowers in all forms. Candy is available too. The little basket above the Queen of Hearts has some of Mr. B's candy in it.

The desk has a big twig ball wrapped in glitter curly wire on a red crochet doily.

The little suitcase on the bookshelf has an assortment of items. At the back is a framed Mary Engelbreit picture draped with a string of alphabet beads that spells out "Love makes the world go round. There is a cup with a vintage hanky in it, a small dish of wooden hearts, and the Mercury glass bowl is full of that string of hearts bought a while back, separated to be piled up loose. Sorry about the eerie glow. That's part of a candle holder with mirrored sides reflecting like an alien craft just landed in our living room.

That's where we are so far. There are still a couple of areas not yet tackled, so stay tuned!

Take it easy,


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