February 20, 2014

New on Thursday

Hello, all,

First new is a rainy afternoon. Since the area is still officially in a drought, this is a welcome event. Yesterday while meeting a friend out of this neighborhood it seemed a fine chance to check out a couple of thrift stores I don't get to often.
Some artificial pears, two little bowls, a Mardi Gras mask and more books. A vintage apron, pedometer, two print napkins and little box of puzzles and questions. The bag with an H had to come home with me for oldest daughter, Hilary. I forgot that inside it is a movie, of  (at least it used to be) her favorite Anne Tyler book, Earthly Possessions. I am really taken with the brown metal squirrel, and am pondering how best to utilize him. It just occurred to me, not shown is a huge fancy bar of soap, new from Neimann-Marcus. Flossie is checking out the mask. 

How has your luck been lately for finding treasures? We have great hopes that yard sales will start to appear on Saturdays any week now. 

Happy hunting!

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