February 12, 2014

Mid-week Kitties

Hello, Friends, how are you doing this week? I hope you have power and are warm and dry wherever you are. We have sunshine today, for the first time in weeks; it's positively startling after so long.

This post is nothing but cats, the ones who would cooperate, that is, rather than the ones who stopped doing anything but sitting like a lump when the camera appeared.
Here's Freddie, in a high spot good for observation.
That's him checking out the street that runs beside our house and the activity across the street.
Freckles prefers to stake out her spot where she can block part of the picture on the screen when the television is on.
Trixie is ready for Valentine's day; the mark on her side is almost a perfect two-tone heart in black and buff.
Junior had been standing up full length scoping the birds in the yard outside the window; of course, he sat down immediately as I grabbed the camera.

 That's a few of our furry fiends, I mean friends. Maybe some of the others will be more cooperative another time.

Take it easy,

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