February 26, 2014

A little touch of green

Hello, friends, how is your week so far? Ours has been cloudy with a chance of car repairs, but that's okay. Our wonderful mechanic stayed late to replace a bearing in my car's wheel, then delivered it when it was ready. What a guy!

It has been cool, gray and dreary most of the time during the past few weeks. Not to complain, we'll have way too much blazing sun before long, but still, it's a little bit old at this point. Even though most of the Valentine's Day decor will stay up until March 1, it seemed like a good idea to jump the gun with the terrarium on the dining room buffet.
I found two big fake plants at the Salvation Army store Monday, and added the little fern bought last year. Flossie seems to be critiquing my arrangement. It would be nice to have real ones, but the cats always, always eat anything live brought indoors, plus in this room with only limited north light they probably wouldn't make it anyway.
A view with no cat in it. The four bird stone coaster are lined up in front for a touch of color.

That's my minor effort for today. It's been raining all afternoon now, so welcome for the live ones that survived the winter outside.

Take it easy!

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Tricia said...

The terrarium looks great filled with the faux plants! Good idea to add the tile coasters -- pretty!