February 17, 2014

The last gasp, I promise!

Hi, Friends,

How is your Monday so far? We have warm sunny skies, so it's quite a relief from the past couple of weeks.

Heading to check the mailbox it occurred to me in all the Valentine frenzy, you never got to see the hanging peg rail by the front door, so here it is:
An ornament, a love bird sign, a decoration in the fake fern and an old heart-shaped pillow. That was bought years ago at a store called Iowa-Guatemala. 
It was split down the middle; all merchandise on one side was from Iowa and the opposite from Guatemala. It was fun to visit and I was sorry when they went out of business.

Now we're on the downhill slide to March which = Mardi Gras all too soon followed by Lent. Is this year skipping days or something to be going by so fast? I'll be sorry to see all my red things put away when the new month arrives. How about you?

Take it easy!

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