December 2, 2013

Coming and Going

Hello, all,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Ours was more a comedy of errors; perhaps someday in memory someday it will feel funnier than it did at the time. 

Today was strip the house of autumn decor first thing; later on Mr. B started getting Christmas decor out of the attic. Let the decorating games begin!

It seemed logical to start with the front door:

I really like this tin sign like a giant manila tag.

A faux-snow covered swag of greens.

Mr. B helped hang the garland on some cup hooks put up a few years ago.

Meanwhile, around at the back door:

More tin manila tags, in a smaller version, along with a message on a red ski:

The best gift the season could provide. Sorry for the bum picture, the back faces west and the sun is really bright today.

Anyway, here is the first efforts for Christmas. Are you anxious to get yours up, or are you all finished and ready to sit and enjoy your home?

Take it easy,

1 comment:

Tricia said...

I like all your door decor! The "Welcome" piece is especially cute, but I like the swag in lieu of a wreath, too. I'm using the same ol', same ol' wreaths from the past couple of years on our doors, but I do plan to get a wreath for the driveway gate this year.