December 12, 2013

Reading and Rereading

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Today I thought it might be fun to share a favorite author and series. The writer is Charlaine Harris. Some of you may already be familiar with her Sookie Stackhouse Southern vampire novels, but vampires don't do a lot for me. My favorites are the Aurora Teagarden series, set in a small town outside of Atlanta, GA.
The first two books are Real Murders, in which the reader is introduced to Roe, her family and friends and A Bone to Pick, where she gets an inheritance with a little something extra attached.
In Three Bedrooms, One Corpse Roe meets a most exciting and unsettling man who later buys her The Julius House, that comes complete with a mystery.
In A Fool and His Honey, the author takes some daring chances with the plot that may startle and shock first time readers, but ultimately makes Roe's life more interesting, while events in Real Murders turn up in fictionalized form in Last Scene Alive.
The last at this point is Poppy Done to Death, which contains a cliff hanger bit of news, so I hope it's not really the last we hear about Roe. I read lots of mysteries. Very few are so well written with such compelling individuals that I want to read them more than once. These are an outstanding exception to that general rule. I pick them up at random, or last year read all the titles again in order. The ability to bring readers into the lives of a character is one Charlaine Harris has mastered superbly. Her books are well worth a try if you've not encountered them before, if you like  believable characters, southern settings, engaging plots or all of the above I urge you to give Charlaine Harris and Roe Teagarden a try. Let me know if you get hooked too.

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