December 3, 2013

Moving right along . .

Hello, friends,

Are you let down after the holiday hoopla, long weekend and shopping, or are you ready to go back to your normal routine? Count me in that last category.

I have  been working all weekend, without finishing all my decorating, what a surprise. Here are some of the areas that did get attention:

The bedroom gets a garland, this one a gift from last year that spells out "Rejoice".

In the dining room some tins and things were removed from the top of the bookcases to make room for a small forest of evergreens:

Anther garland here as well.

Too bad I couldn't reach that candle to straighten it up before taking a picture.There is a Mercury glass vase with artificial greenery and berries in it along with the trees and a big red glass vase filled with fruit that looks like it's covered in sugar crystals. 

For my Advent countdown I am going to give something away  each day. Sunday was easy, a big bag of non-perishables for the food pantry went to church with me. I've been keeping an eye out for loss leaders to get the best deals on staples for the needy. Last year I dithered and ran out of time and didn't get toys to Walgreen's in time for their toy drive and had to find a fire station instead. To avoid a repeat, I took a bag of children's books and puzzles to the drugstore this morning, so that's today  taken care of. Tuesday may be a donation of books to the library for their sale. 

What's your strategy for decorating? Do you go all out and do interior and exterior in one fell swoop, or go at it more gradually like old slow me? 

Have a good one!


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