December 10, 2013

Sunshine, evergreens and kitty news

Hello, friends,

I hope you aren't laboring without electricity due to bad weather. Here we at last have sunshine, a rare treat after the past few days.

Our Christmas tree is crammed into a corner in the living room, so hard to get a picture of. It is a fir. For years--decades, actually--we've used nothing but small red lights on it, but that is hard to see in the picture.
It has a nice shape and smells really good.

Yesterday in mid-afternoon I noticed the door to the laundry hamper was down. This is an old house with a linen closet about a horizontal flap-type door under which there is room for a hamper. Mr. B fixed this not long ago with super strong magnets. However, here it was gaping again. Investigation revealed Freddy and Freckles deep in the back, dug into clean towels and pillow cases, snoozing away. Bad kitties! The silver lining was that in removing them from their hidey hole, the new location of the runner/dresser scarves was discovered. After organizing in my closet recently they had been relocated and I'd forgotten where. This meant the runner for December could be installed, so here it is:
I love the pointed ends and  the very simple red and green embroidery of it. 
Is it only me who forgets where she stores things? You'd think in a house this small finding a given item would be a snap, but that is far from the case. 

Take it easy!

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Tricia said...

I'm glad to get to see your tree! Very pretty and a nice shape, too.