February 12, 2015

Friday Eve

Greetings, all,

That's how a friend of mine used to refer to Thursday each week. Have you noticed how February just keeps relentlessly moving on, heading inexorably towards Lent? It has not escaped my attention, so it seemed like a good plan to focus on Mardi Gras instead. In addition to the display under the open gold cloche, I have also got these on display:
The wreath is on the side door of the house.
This was in today's newspaper; it's an advertisement for Mardi Gras on Galveston.
It seemed a perfect fit for this frame with a blue mat that was .90 cents on the last expedition to Value Village.
And on the dining room table a tray with masks and beads under the big cloche.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!
Let the good times roll!


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