February 4, 2015

Living in the Present

Hello, all,

I am blessed to have a  good friend with a birthday in late December, while my own is at the beginning of January. We try to get together early in the year to celebrate. Since personalized gifts are nice, here is what Laura's is:
She is a tea drinker, so there are two boxes of flavored teas and a holder for the bag. Another favorite of hers is shortbread, so:
here is some of that to go with the tea. It is in a box from Harrods department store in London, but the cookies were bought locally. 
Then I turned here. Multiple verses of scripture were copied, then printed out. You can buy Scripture Tea in stores, but it seemed better to pick the verses myself for a friend.
A little bone china holder to put a used bag in once it's steeped. 

Tea with Bible passages.

 And here is the bag, ready to take tomorrow when we meet for lunch.

If you are interested in a similar project, learn from my experience. Make sure the tea bags you buy have strings and tags on them already, because otherwise, it's way more of a hassle than you want to fool with, trust me. You could also do Novel Tea, with the first lines of famous books for someone who is a reader, or any number of other types of quotations. Quirky words for Scrabble would be fun, too. 

That's my project du jour. Now back to my regularly scheduled round of chores, cat wrangling and the like. 

Take it easy!

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