February 11, 2015

Once Upon a Sofa

Hello, all,

Well, that was weird. I wrote a post Monday and clicked on publish, but apparently it didn't. Oops! Never mind. I have been continuing to try to clean and organize both in here, the dining room, and in the living room all week. There was a ratty old piece of drop cloth on the couch and some decidedly ho-hum throws and pillows. Time for an upgrade! Even though it's still only February, it's getting warmer which makes thoughts of sunshine and bright colors dance in my head. Here is one result of that:
No, not Flossie. She's a permanent fixture when there is any change and thus reason to snoop.
This might be really a big table cloth, but it's very heavy, sturdy fabric, so should be all right as couch enhancer.
A few replacement cushions, since the others definitely didn't go. The two in front are from last summer and the one in back is a crocheted sham. That's the latest effort. Now (sob!) back to cleaning and organizing, iow, The Neverending Mess!

Take it easy!


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