February 2, 2015

Groundhog? What groundhog?

Hi there. I'm not worried about groundhogs and what they report, although the concerns of those in the Midwest and Northeast are understandable. We're enjoying the lull before the onslaught of summer here in Texas and a bit bemused that it is already the second month of this year. Time speeding up is supposed to be a sign you're getting really O-L-D, right? 

Never mind if it's true. The distraction of Valentine's Day can go a long way to help ignore those thoughts. Here's the start of my decorating for 2015.

The little red cubby from Christmas stayed out to be refilled with tributes to February 14.
A Mary Engelbreit illustration framed in red and a couple of little hearts.
A little bird with a heart and a red plate that says "Cutie Pie". The bird is from Target last year and suffered damage to its tail section from marauding cats, I am sad to report. These are all in the library.
Meanwhile, back in the dining room: a few seasonal additions to the terrarium. The polka-dotted tray was made by middle daughter Mary for me. It has hearts on the inside. A beautiful Godiva box from a thrift shop and a heart pick in a succulent round out the vignette.
A little lovebirds picture hanging from a knob on the hutch. That's all that's been done so far but there is still a bit more to put out, so stay tuned. It's really nice this holiday occurs when it does, don't you think, in the middle of a month that's often dreary and over burdened with bad weather? It's a welcome bright spot, so let's hear it for all things sweet and cheery!


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Rue said...

Very cute :)

I'm all about sweet and cheery, especially with the news that we'll be having 6 more weeks of winter lol