February 23, 2015

More Monday

Hello, all,

How cold is it where you are? I feel forthe poor souls in the Northeast of the US and all the snow and misery they're still enduring. It's cold here, for us, while not technically frigid by normal standards. Still, today it was necessary to go out, to work at Manna, then leave a bag of packages at the post office. This is in advance to make an excuse for not being very (if at all) creative today by the time I was finally home. Yesterday it seemed long overdue to re-style the coffee table, given the Valentine decor was put away, so that is what was tackled. Not anything to write home about, but the best it was possible to come up with on this cold Monday.
I tried to use a wooden cigar box for the remote controls, but figured realistically that would last five minutes before Mr. B ditched it, so decided not to bother.
A big round tray, the crown sort of metal holder, a bronze orb--maybe it doesn't work at all, but the idea was to use the repeating circles as an antidote to everything else in the room which is universally square or rectangle.
A box with vintage pictures inside. The one on the right is me with my mother, age about eighteen months old. The two gold votive holders were a recent score from Goodwill, four of them new, with labels on the bottom from World Market. They were $6.00 each originally, .69 cents at GW. Magazines and a few books make up the rest of today's effort. 

That's all she wrote for today, folks. Maybe the Idea Fairy will visit me overnight and tomorrow much more creative. It would help if it would warm up enough and stay dry so it's possible to go outside and spray paint! All those of you who have a basement or garage, be grateful! It makes life more difficult without one. 

Stay warm!

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