October 27, 2014

A little more work.

Hello, all,

I hope your week is off to a good start. We put a little effort to that end on Sunday, after visiting a local feed store in search of plants. With our mild weather and continued warm temperatures for a while still, that is feasible here. First, on the same day as the great rug discovery, the Sand Dollar yielded these:

a pair of nice white trellises, for $5.00 each. On other thrift shop ventures I'd gotten a variety of other small pots, all for under a dollar, and wanted some plants to put in those. At the Wabash we ended up buying two salvia, a lavender, a shrimp plant and another that had a tag on it but honestly, the name made no sense. It sounded like something from the makeup counter, with no clue about what type of family it belonged to, so it's a mystery.
There is the shrimp plant and one salvia.
Here is the lavender.
A second salvia.
And lastly, the mystery plant. Mr. B isn't happy with the vine we bought soon after moving here, so it will likely be replaced soon, probably with a pyracantha.

There you have our latest efforts. It's one thing to have a small yard, or one with a difficult terrain, but something else again to have to try and beautify an actual parking lot!

Till next time,

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