October 2, 2014

And now for something a little different . . .

Hello, all,

I don't usually post much about clothes, but this is a special circumstance. It was necessary for me to figure out a mother of the bride outfit to wear to middle daughter Mary's wedding on Saturday. Although it is technically autumn now, the bride doesn't care for typical fall colors. She prefers lighter shades of pink, yellow or turquoise. All of the dresses I saw in stores came in two choices: black, or lurid prints. Eventually I cobbled together the following outfit:
The blouse is silk and has a tie in the back. The skirt has stitched down pleats and is lined. With them go these:
Perfect sparkly pink flats the same shade as the skirt. Since breaking my ankle badly in 2007 heels don't work for me anymore at all. 
My old lady upper arms are no visual treat, so this sheer coverup will come in handy; plus, air conditioning is often too cold in public places so it will be useful in that regard, too. Here it is, a combination of thrift--the blouse and skirt--and new shoes and coverup. What do you think? Terrible? Okay? Get in the car and go shopping again right now? Your input is needed and welcome. 

This is it till next week. We're heading to Austin tomorrow. 

Later, Michele


Tricia said...

Oh, goody, you posted your MOB outfit! It looks lovely, Michele, and that shade of pink will be perfect with your coloring. I really like the blouse's style, and those shoes are fun and festive! Can't wait to hear stories from the wedding!

Linda said...

I agree with Tricia! You have done well. Looking forward to the wedding stories.

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

I can see it on you. I think when it's all put together, it will be lovely. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I snooped around yours ;-) and I love your framed wrapping paper! The round rug in your library is beautiful. You've got a great sense of humor and your love for books made me push the follow button. I look forward to hanging out here. Have a great week!