October 28, 2014

The inadvertent collection

Hello, friends,

I hope your Tuesday has been an all good news day and continues so. 

Today I thought of showing you one of my accidental collections. One that wasn't planned or came from strong sentimental or family reasons but rather seems to have just happened. It is squirrels. Why, I'm not sure, unless it's because of the amusement watching Mr. B's ongoing war to keep them out of his bird feeders over the years. They are cute, in their own way and apparently have grown on me because I seem to have accumulated the following:
They usually come out in the autumn, with the acorns and other signs of fall. It just dawned on me the nutcracker is actually a chipmunk, not a squirrel. Oops! Oh, well, they can hang out together anyway.
I've had this rather modern example with candle holder for several years, picked up at Sand Dollar.
This one is concrete and hangs out in a birdcage I've been too lazy to change since we moved. It's on top of the china cabinet in the dining room.

I loved the one on this card from my friend Betty so much it got framed and comes out every September.
This little fellow was .40 cents at Value Village.
This  one was also from Sand Dollar, purchased last week.

What about you? Does your house have collections that appear to evolve organically, with no actual planning on your part or is it just me? 

Have a good one!


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