October 6, 2014

Meanwhile, in Austin . . .


We got back from middle daughter's wedding in Austin yesterday. It was quite a weekend. I'll write more about the big event later. Before it happened the couple did a lot of exterior work to the house. She bought it around ten years ago. It is a brick ranch, built on a slab circa 1959 and still contains its original pink range. However, their focus in the past few months was outside. It had ugly mustard yellowish bricks and a flat section of cheap yellow siding by the front porch. The discussion over what color to paint was intense, but they finally settled on. . RED!
Here is one view of the front.
They got a new light.
and a new front door.
New numbers and mailbox as well.
The wood by the porch is cypress.
Her garden is incredibly vibrant and lush.
One more look.  I think it turned out beautifully. Sorry there are no before shots, but imagine dirty yellow brick, a rusty lantern type light, battered door and you can get an idea of the scale of the transformation. 

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Tricia said...

Wow, it looks wonderful now! I love the red plus teal, and her front garden is gorgeous! Their place should be featured on RetroRenovation.com!

Linda said...

She did a great job. The colors are so rich and lively! Between the house colors and vegetation, coming home should be a delight each day.