October 10, 2014

Now for something completely different . .

Hey, TGIF, everyone.

In order to avoid a riot this will not be a post about my daughter's wedding.
It seemed like high time to take a stroll in our back yard. There is a little slab of concrete Mr. B delusionally refers to as the patio. Whatever.
It has a huge mulberry tree.
And a magnolia.
Plenty of scope for bird feeders and bath.
The only vegetation besides the trees are these anemic looking rose bushes.

I think it can be landscaped to look good with a little work. The main problem is the neighbor's house. Their yard looks like a scene from Hoarders, with every one of its four sides piled high with debris and miscellaneous junk. We need some big, fast growing bushes along the common fence side asap, as well as something to disguise the gas meter randomly plunked out in the middle of the other side of the space, not near enough to  the house where a trellis or some similar device would conceal it fairly easily. Mr. B has had fantastic luck with vines in the past, so he is very irritated that the hyacinth beans he planted here are not growing as he'd expected, especially since we've had good rainfall this summer, unlike other years--I'm looking at you, 2011! 

Consider this a before shot and I will keep you posted on progress out back as it occurs. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Linda said...

Oleanders. Easy to grow. Get large quickly.