October 15, 2014

Thrifting in October

Hello, Friends,

How are you this fine October day? It has been absolutely beautiful here. It occurred to me I haven't shared any thrift trips with you lately, so here are a few of the things that have come home with me this month. 
That's just a small example of the books Mr. B and I have brought home in the past few weeks. As you can see, there is also a quirky egg cup, several mugs for resale and more.

There are also a couple of pillows, one in use now, one put away till next summer when the light blue and green quilt comes out for the season, some picture frames, two pictures, mugs, magnets and a little bit of everything. We also both have bought clothes but they aren't pictured.
I like the little flower and stamps canvas and the small wooden drawer. The striped scarf is super soft and will be nice when cooler weather arrives, as will the cheerful plaid throw. 
Here is the pumpkin picture, a timely find. Behind it is a neat paper calendar for next year. Next to it is a plastic container full of foam brushes for craft projects. 
This is a frame with wooden magnets with quotes in it.
Here are mugs for resale: two Georges Briard bluebonnets and one for Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.
Here is a closeup of the little drawer. It's very well made. Also of the patterns in the various textiles of scarf, throw and one of the cushions. You've probably guessed there are no all white or neutral color schemes here! In the first place, I love color and there is the practical advantage of patterns at least a little disguising the results of having a house full of cats.

What have you found lately? A longed for grail or some practical bits and pieces? 

Take it easy!

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