October 14, 2014

Better, but not a wow.

Hi, all,

I worked on a small project today. It's okay, but clearly needs more work. It started with this:

We've probably had this stool for thirty years. Mr. B has a great state love for "wood" and stained this after we got it at a yard sale. Unfortunately (and it is not the only item with this result) it came out the color of mud. Really, what is the big attraction? It has no wonderful grain and the color is dull as . . . mud. 

So I tried something different today, using a sample of Devine Primrose paint from Target. 
It's okay, but not great. I'm not sure what other alternatives to consider at this point, but will keep you posted of any future changes. Maybe a contrasting color on the turned parts of the legs would give it more oomph. At least it no longer resembles the soggy corner of the yard under the magnolia tree after Monday's rain!

Have a good one!


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