October 8, 2014

And they lived happily ever after . . .

Hello, all,

It's just been a few days, but we certainly hope middle daughter and our new sil find that sweet joy in their life together as a couple. Here are a few pictures of the event:
The bride and MOB at the house, before we got to the venue.
With the maid of honor.
The wedding was at a community center in a neighborhood, surrounded by park like grounds. There was a small hardscape area at the foot of a path where an arch was set up and the ceremony held. These statues were near the right side of the space. 
The happy couple.
Cutest flower girl ever. She wasn't wearing the shrug during the service.
The arch and the grounds.
Fake replay of the proposal.
With our family. Mr. B took is in the back. He walked down the aisle with the bride, then took most of the pictures so isn't in but a couple himself.
Okay, this is our family with one brother who was MIA above. The second is off in Colorado, and couldn't attend.
The newlyweds and the flower girl.
A good picture of her dress, which is lovely.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures as much as I did sharing them.

Till next time,

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