October 1, 2014

One. Two. Three

Hey, folks,

Happy October to you all. I finished a small--okay, tiny--project Sunday and here is the result. 
When we bought this china closet the hardware on it was downright ugly. These knobs were from some long forgotten yard sale. The color coordinates nicely. Also, they aren't as plain as the picture implies.
The sides are white with dark blue stripes.
This cheery plaid pair came from the local hardware store. However, until this week the lower cabinet doors had their original ugly pulls. Not anymore. Check out these, found at the Sand Dollar last week:
They are larger and wildly decorated. Here's another view:
It makes the whole piece more fun and lighthearted, don't you think? For less than $10 the cabinet and hutch say BUH-bye to stodgy, what a deal.

Have a good rest of your day,

PS Mr. B says rather than the plywood being over bricks like the rest of the facade, it is actually over a hole! Ideas to disguise this ugliness are desperately needed, TIA.

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