October 17, 2014

The culled, the neat and the pretty


My morning has been spent in the closet, literally. Part of the problem was that some things were dumped there for no good reason when we moved in, since moving itself is the definition of chaos. However, after working the past several hours with only a couple of brief breaks, here are the results:
Despite this house otherwise being Door Central, there is none on the closet itself, so a pair of curtains do the job.
These are in the small, square hallway between the closet bath and bedroom.
Here are my efforts on the left side, shelf, main rod and floor. I culled shoes and clothes, consolidated some containers and removed things wholly out of place, including several items to be put on eBay. 

Here is the center section, with a small, battered chest of drawers that was in the kitchen before we moved. It has an embroidered scarf on top and some of the pretty boxes set out on it. It is really different to have a window in the closet, but nice.
I cleared things out, dusted, put like things together, added items to a donation box, straightened up the shoe basket after pitching three pair and found a couple of those plastic zipper containers to put the throw pillows in that go on our bed in the summer, stored with that comforter. There is space for the vacuum, barely. Some of the items will be gone in the near future, like three boxes of books given to my offspring for Christmas, so not too much longer to house those. Still left to do: go fix the other areas where things were tossed in the process, figure out where to put the donation box and that sort of finishing up kind of chore. 

It was a daunting task, and one that's really nice to have d-o-n-e! Does it take anything special for you to tackle a major project like this, or are you so disciplined it stays in such good condition it's not necessary?

Have a wonderful weekend, all!



Tricia said...

Very nice and tidy! You'll have to go and gaze into the closet periodically, admiring your work -- at least until your furry friends get in there and create more havoc!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Your closet looks great. It's so funny that Tricia made the comment about gazing into it and admiring your work. We moved several months ago. I have a huge closet - to me - that has hubby's clothes and then linen closet shelves. I open the door at least once a day - honest - just to admire that it's not full and it's very neat.

Unknown said...

Thanks for popping over to visit! Your closet looks great, closets are my least favorite to organize! I always find myself putting it off!