October 16, 2014

The Good, the bad and the ugly

Hello, Friends,

I'm taking you not on a magical, mystery tour today. More in keeping with the season, it's more of a horror-inspired field trip. 

Are you brave enough to take a tour of my closet? Think before you answer! The good: the rack for hats and flower shop picture; also, the hangers aren't good but at least they're all the same color. The basket on the floor is working out well for shoes, but some pairs need to be ditched.

The bad, yes, it is horrible. I know. It isn't all my fault. Some of the things were stowed neatly before being knocked down by cats. There is evidence of marital discord in the vacuum cleaner wars. Mr. B keeps buying huge, heavy, unwieldy ones that are a pain to use, at least for me. He disses my smaller version, but since it regularly fills up with huge clumps of dirt I refuse to ditch just because he sneers. Meanwhile, there is no place to store it easily. So, it's in the closet for now.

The ugly: the space as a whole. This is a before story. This is the first step of a promise to clean it up and get it in decent condition. Tomorrow is the day the massive effort begins. I'm making no promises it will be finished on Friday, but will try my best. Whenever order is restored, you'll get pictures as proof it's happened. 

Wish me luck!


1 comment:

Tricia said...

You are brave to post Before pics! Better don your hard hat before you dive in! As for the vacuum, I like the advice (maybe from Erma Bombeck?) to store it in plain sight in the living room, so you can always claim to be in the midst of vacuuming if unexpected guests arrive. But seriously, maybe Mr. B's studio would be a better storage spot?