January 17, 2014

Friday, finally

Hello, all you Friday lovers. Do you have some fun lined up for the weekend?

Today I thought I'd show you one of my first blogging projects and how it has evolved. It started with a blog party. My inspiration was this:
a picture from a magazine, saved and framed. It might have come from an issue of Real Simple. My recreation was this:
 but more than a year later it had gotten messy and disorganized. With a little work, we now have this:
It's neatened up considerably, but still represents my interests well. There's a button from the Betsy-Tacy Society,sheet of caricatures of Mr. B made by a co-worker years ago,  photo of a favorite author, Anne Tyler, birthday card from a friend featuring a fat gray cat, stamps from packages received, Texas postcard and much more, including the so true statement, Everything is better with bacon. Instead of just tacks or push pins it employs hooks, clothes pins and envelopes to handle the contents, and is a good place for favorite pins acquired over the years, including one the cheerful demonstrators of Tillamook cheese gave me the last time they visited our local Kroger. Can you see the little deer clothespin? It's one of a set of cute woodland creatures middle daughter Mary gave me for Christmas. I rotated the table in here, so now the board is in front of the window blocking some of the blinding sun this room gets, facing east, right behind the laptop. It's always cheering to rest your eyes on things you enjoy when you lift them from the computer screen, isn't it?  Thus winds up this week. I hope yours was restful and/or productive with something nice to anticipate for the weekend!

Have a good one,


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