January 29, 2014

Thawing out

Hi, folks,

I hope you are warm and safe now if you're in one of the parts of the country hard hit by the latest storm. We have sunshine today and higher temperatures and very grateful for this improvement indeed.

Obviously, with the storm last week and then again Tuesday there hasn't been much opportunity to go to thrift shops, but I have picked up a couple of things. Saturday Mr. B and I went to a library sale
where we got a few books, then were surprise to see a yard sale in a parking lot on the way home.The books were from the sale and the little green flower pot at the sale found the same day. I found the Starbucks mugs at Salvation Army, as well as the plates, cell phone case and picture frame. The Christmas plate is for a gift for my oldest daughter, who was born in the year it represents.

The fuzzy sweater with a big button is for the same daughter and came from Sand Dollar. I'm hoping warmer weather there will be more chances to hunt for treasure.

How has your thrifting been lately? Good or on a hiatus?

Till next time,

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