January 16, 2014

Just a little decorating

Hello, all,

This is going to have to be short and sweet because the day is racing by.

Continuing my movement through the house at approximately the speed of a glacier, today I made it to the dining room centerpiece. Here is the end result:

It seemed like a good idea to add a little glitter and shine to that table of mine because the room is dark and this time of the year days are short and light at a premium. It is a round tin tray with a mercury glass pedestal bowl heaped with cut glass decanter stoppers and a mirrored piece once part of a candlestick under the big cloche. Nothing fancy, but good till next month and Valentine's day!

And now I must love you and leave you and go do some early dinner prep so Mr. B won't complain he's starving when he walks in the door!

Till next time,

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