January 14, 2014


Hello, Friends,

Did you get a new calendar for 2014, or maybe more than one? Mine is very funny, a gift from a friend. Looking at this month, although it is super busy for our family, there isn't a whole lot to use as a hook to decorate. We just took down the glitter and glitz of Christmas, and in a couple of weeks it will be time to think about Valentine's Day, more bright colors and excuses to shine. But until then, maybe a little austerity is in order.

Here are two areas fixed up simply for this in-between time:
The end table by the sofa, close to the door and the desk have both been treated to some evergreens in off white containers, a pitcher from Ikea and a shabby chic can. These are artificial, since our cats try to eat anything live indoors, which exacerbates the hairball issue no end. It's easier to use fake greenery in the house. I like the touch of color and simplicity of these modest displays; it's a start. Tomorrow, on to the dining room!

Do you have a general theme through the year and never deviate, or try to work with holidays and seasons, which can be confounding at times. Right now this feels like an adequate start. 

Have a good one!


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Tricia said...

Very pretty, Michele! I always love to see how you incorporate that cute little chair!