January 30, 2014

Our feathered friends

Hello, folks,

I hope everyone is digging out from snow and ice and things are settling down.
It is warmer here today, but so far still overcast.

Mr. B is a big bird watcher and we have several feeders in a tree outside the kitchen window. Unfortunately, they are all hung too high for me to reach to fill.
A while back I picked up a pretty coral sugar bowl at a thrift shop for less than a dollar, but so far haven't figure out how to use it exactly.
Standing in the kitchen earlier this afternoon I had a brainstorm. Thus,
Now it has a job to do!
Plus, it's the best kind of project, requiring barely more effort than is needed to breathe.  I'm not knowledgeable like Mr. B is, but have enjoyed observing since we moved here. We see ordinary birds most days, had several colored parrots for a while, and once saw the circle of life up close and personal, as a hawk caught a smaller bird in flight and sat in our yard to finish its meal. Do you feed the birds where you live?

Take it easy,

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