January 21, 2014

Mini Project for Tuesday

Hi, Friends,

Is it as hard for you to believe that we're three weeks into January as it is for me? Or is time moving at a slower rate for you?

Recently I rearranged the setup where I work on my laptop. Instead of a desk, it's on an old kidney-shaped dressing table from a thrift shop. It's pretty rough and not refurbished at all, but for $8.00 it had to go home with me. It still has the swing-out arms and thumbtack holes from an earlier incarnation where it wore a skirt. Recently I moved it from the wall in one corner 90 degrees so it's in front of a window now. My bulletin board is there, because the view is straight across the street to our useful neighbor's forecourt at J E and A Mechanics. 

Moving it left a section of bare wall to my right, so for the first time since 2008 and the great Ike disruption there is a place to hang this:

It's a very common wood-framed blackboard from Ikea, but still handy to have.

To my left:

Sorry about the glare. That is actually a sheet of wrapping paper framed sitting by the cat tree where Freckles is having a wash. There are actually two of the poster frames, but the one above it has an obstruction sticking out that I didn't have the energy to find a ladder and fix. It's different titles but a similar effect.

There you have my workspace, pretty modest but it's fine for now. The new position of the table was a good idea, and I'm glad it finally dawned on me to hang the blackboard in the newly vacated space. Does a new year make you re-think space, storage and use around your home? 

Take it easy,


Unknown said...

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PixieVintage said...

I love the kidney shaped dressing table you have, wish I could find one. A chalkboard is always handy to have around too. I don't know if it was because of the new year, but I decided to change around my whole craft room last week. I wound up repainting the whole room, which is very large. This lead to painting 3 more rooms in the house too :) It has taken me a few days to move all the stuff around, but I am much happier with the way it is set up.