December 3, 2014

. . and a little more

Good afternoon, friends,

It is warming up here, but with temperatures in the 70 degree range, it feels like heaven after our all too recent summer. I have been working on several chores and projects in various parts of the house, but also stole a little time to play with decorating in the library a bit. 

Here are some of the spiffing up on the big bookcases. The felt garland and little wreath with a deer were gifts from middle daughter Mary last year, so it was fun to discover them when unpacking the tubs. There is another little tree on the top shelf and a cute collage type tin below it.

Some more deer have joined the others on the top shelf and there is a seasonal red and white crocheted coaster as well. Below it on the second row is a beautiful card my friend Kristi, from the Betsy-Tacy group sent me years ago. It is so pretty it got framed with a holiday red one found at a thrift shop. Tomorrow I'll take a better picture that shows the Mercury glass vase on top with some holly leaves and berries in it. Since decorating is one of my favorite parts of the season it doesn't bother me to do a little every day, rather than go through the house like a whirlwind and finish in a single day. It's even nicer this year since we moved and there  is twice the space to play with. 

Are you a big burst, get-it-done type or more of a tortoise like me?

Have a good evening,


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