December 10, 2014

Easy Peasy

Hello, all,

I hope your Wednesday went well. Mine was mildly annoying, but at least an important automotive task got done at the dealership, so that is off the list. That didn't leave much time for more fun stuff, like decorating, but here is something that's incredibly easy and can be fun. Many years ago I got beautiful wrapping paper from Ikea. This project consists of simply using a sheet of it to cover the contents of a poster frame in the living room. When the holidays are over, it's no chore at all to take the holiday one off, since it's just layered over the existing picture. Here is the result:
It's a winter scene of a house and yard with lovely rich colors and warm details.
Here is a close up of the upper rooms, roof and chimney.
Here is another section with the decorated tree, gifts and staircase. It's paper by Roger LaBord and makes me smile every time I walk by it in the library. So, if your time or energy are limited, maybe a temporary switch of existing frames in your house already would be a quick project, adding a bit of holiday flavor with minimal effort. 

Take it easy!

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