December 11, 2014

And now for something completely different . . .

How's it going with your week now that Thursday's here? Mine is fine, aside from me being worn out from heavy lifting. The thing is, on the way to Bible study I stopped at the Junior Forum resale shop. Since we moved I've BOLO for matching bedside tables or some other kind of furniture. My side had a nice old oak table in a golden shade, but it is really too tall, while Mr. B had dark, way too dinky nesting tables. Today the right combination finally showed up: sturdy, with drawers, matching (I've found dozens of single ones but no pairs until now) and did I mention cheap? The guys who worked there managed to wedge them in the Chevy, to their own and my amazement. Once the rest of the errand extravaganza was finished, it was up to me to pry them out--the one in the back seat was quite a challenge--and into the house. It's taken the past couple of hours, but here is the result:
Mr. B's side.
and another shot. Meanwhile, off to the right:
The black at the lower right of the picture is Freddy's tail. I didn't notice him there.
No cat included in this one.
There is the drawer with the wrapping paper lining. It's a collage of postage stamps.

In the interest of full disclosure, much of the contents of my other one is still not put away and straightened up completely but I wanted to get this written. These are not fine pieces of furniture, nor are they my very favorite style. Otoh, they are fairly heavy and decently made. A little of the furniture restorer and Old English polish cleaned them up and an old remnant of wrapping paper did the trick for lining. They have the advantage of being useful for now, but not expensive enough that if something I like better comes along I'd feel guilty swapping them out. That's the excitement at hour house today. The question remains, will Mr. B notice, or will they have to be pointed out to him when he gets home? 

Have a great evening,

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Tricia said...

Wow, awesome find! And now the big question -- did Mr. B notice? Also, don't you need lamps, or do you use wall-mounted ones to read in bed? I can't believe you wrestled those inside alone!