December 8, 2014

Monday, Monday

Hello, Friends,

How is your week so far? It,  is cool and sunny here, the kind of weather we can't even imagine exists in July and August. 

I have continued to work on decorating various areas of the house, which takes a lot more time than you might think. What fits where and what doesn't, why a given item suddenly has to be in a different context to work in this new house, that's why it's going slowly. It's still fun, but it's hard not to get impatient with myself for what feels like dawdling. This weekend most of the attention was concentrated in the dining room. Here is some of the result:
That is a close up of the big round plate middle daughter Mary gave me. On it is a footed silver dish with beaded fruit in it, covered by the big cloche to keep the cats from stealing the berries and pears to play with.
Here is the bigger picture with some artificial trees too. Don't worry, the stocking will be removed from the lamp directly. I meant to do it before I took the picture but clearly forgot. I was tired of the cloche on the table, so now it's got this:
There is a vintage cloth, not quite big enough for the table, but all right. On a wonderful red platter my friend Tricia gave me is a bird cage. It holds three bottle brush trees some cotton *snow* with a few ornaments strewn around. Again, a fundamental consideration is having things contained so they are safe from marauding cats. 

This is Monday's effort. Obviously, I am more tortoise than hare!

Take it easy,

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