December 5, 2014

Moving along

Hello, all,

Are you ready for the weekend? I'm sure Mr. B is eager for a 48 hour break. 

I have been working in different spots in the house, mainly with the little houses and trees. Here is some of what's been put out in the library so far:
a miniature forest on top of this picture, with one chosen and in the process of being hauled home in a red pickup truck.
a church snow scene in the little suitcase and a basket full of candy canes.
Here is my little red box full of tiny holiday treasures. It is sitting on a box made like a faux book that says "Christmas Botanicals on the spine. It looks as if Santa got a train engine somewhere and is trying it out; it looks like he's better go back to the sleigh to me! 

There is plenty more to do in this room, as well as the dining and living rooms, so you'll see more decorations starting Monday. Have a wonderful weekend.


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