December 12, 2014

Good news, bad news. . .

Hey, folks,

TGIF for all you working types. Actually, that's been me today, if you consider cleaning working. Sadly, the results are not what was optimistically expected. The good news in the title includes the fact we got our tree last night and Mr. B. cut enough branches off the bottom before putting it in the stand for me to make a piece for the front door. The bad news part is that really, it doesn't look as good as the artificial one used the past several years, courtesy of Sand Dollar. What does it say about my skill set that something plastic, probably from China looks better than my efforts with natural greenery? 
It's not terrible, but is definitely lacking. Thank goodness for the can of fake snow picked up in Big Lots on my trip there to pick up the last two boxes of all red lights in the store. 

Near it to the left of the mailbox is the tag sign:
So far that's the extent of our outside decor this year. Mr. B bought some lights allegedly to put round the edge of the roof. Don't hold your breath to see how that turns out. In 35 years he never has before, so the odds aren't good.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! We're having company, which will be fun if we get a handle on that pesky cleaning issue. 


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