December 19, 2014

Freaky Friday

Hi, folks,

I hope you're all on top of things for the holidays and better prepared than we are here. Let's just say our shopping deficiencies, like the Great Wall, can probably be seen from space. Meanwhile, life continues to be perplexing. Yesterday at a thrift shop I picked this up for a quarter:
It was purchased to go in this:
where it fits nicely. The part that doesn't make sense is what else it contained. It wasn't till it was stuck in the little cubby that something brown among the leaves and berries caught my eye. Further exploration revealed it was this:
Just the tip of the handle was showing. Can anyone make sense of this? If it had been with a miniature loaf of bread, roast chicken or dollhouse cake it wouldn't be odd. But buried in a flower pot--huh? How seriously weird is that? It just goes to show you things are never dull in the wonderful world of resale, not by a long shot! 

Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend!


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Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Buried treasures are sure to be found at thrift shops. lol! Love the little cubbies filled with Christmas delight! Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy to be a new follower.
hugs and Happy New Year,