March 25, 2015

Still outside

Hi, Folks,

Happy Hump Day to everyone. Mine was unusually busy, but I did manage to do a little more simple decorating outside. Looking in my boxes of Easter decor there were several decorative pails, which have now been put on seasonal duty with the plants in the front. 
There is an aqua one with a funny bunny on it, with a Mary Engelbreit to its left on the turquoise stool. 
The coral one with white flowers is from a Goodwill trip today. 
A string of carrots by the mailbox.
These succulents are doing so well that I took some out to put in another pot.
 They are in the little Adirondack chair now.
One other little bunny pail, although with the glare it's hard to see. Switching out containers is an easy way to add an extra touch for holidays, and you know I am all about taking the easy way whenever possible! There are still some empty pots which we should be able to fill soon, now that the weather is a little more amenable to being out doors at last. 
That's all from our place today.
Take it easy!


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Tricia said...

Very cute, Michele! You have the best containers and boxes collection!