April 24, 2013

A Fascinating Person

Hello, all, can you believe there is less than a week left of April? Me either. Maybe the weather where you live isn't all that great yet, and you're stuck indoors. Perhaps these titles can help you pass the time till it does.

For my birthday in January a friend gave me this book:
It is a short but delightful account made more special by numerous photographs. It inspired me to get from the library:
a detailed account of the life of Julia Child. She was an amazing person who lived an unusually interesting life, filled with riveting events and compelling people. Her family, marriage, and most of all, her love of France and French food makes for a enthralling story that was hard to put down. There are several other biographies published about her, too.

Since finishing Dearie I recently picked up at a thrift shop:
It is based upon the chef's letters and those of her husband Paul focused mainly on the years they lived in France from 1948 through 1954. If it's half as entertaining as the other two,  it's sure to be a treat.  I also read Backstage With Julia by Nancy Verde Barr, which added a little more to my stockpile of admiration for this spirited woman.

Mostly fiction is my drug of choice, but these  bios and memoirs are an outstanding exception I would recommend to anyone. To learn more about such a captivating personality is well worth your time and attention, and who knows? It might inspire you to tackle one of her classic recipes, too!

Happy reading!

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