April 26, 2013

A PS Post

Hi, folks,

Are you t-ing gif today? Mr. B certainly is.

This is a kind of follow up to the nesting tables tale. A couple of years ago I got this silverware chest for under $2.00 because it was so beat up:
It was every bit as scratched and bunged up on all four sides as you see on the top.
Flossie saw the problem with glare and tried to assist by blocking the light, but was too small to be very effective. Still, the effort to be helpful is much appreciated.
One application of this magic elixir, though, and voila:
No more damage visible. Is this the greatest product since sliced bread or what?  I'd hoped to do something a little more ambitious, but a lack of sleep last night did away with that plan.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, with time to enjoy family, friends, yard sales or whatever you find fun. Breakfast tacos and yard sales would make me happy.

See you next week.


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Looks like I need to get my hands on some of that furniture restorer!