April 12, 2013

Five x Friday

I did it, I managed to write every day this week, although this is a quickie. It dawned on me there was no picture of the new hutch with its doors open, so this is a belated look at the interior:
As you can see, it holds a surprising amount. If we repaint the whole thing, the white shelf Mr. B installed won't stand out like a sore thumb, otherwise we'll need to try and match that mustardy color. It holds crystal, a gorgeous epergne from a school rummage sale we got for $4.00, bowls, a gravy boat and silver destined to be planted with succulents. It was nice to learn the wonders of Goddard's polish from my friend Tricia at The Dull and the Dutiful. It works like a charm.

An item was left out when the Thrift Desert post was written. It is this pretty cushion, with a nice zipper back closure and embroidery on the front:
While trying to figure out where it would be best to take the picture, Inspector Flossie checked it out, too:
She is very interested in anything brought into the house. Pillows are good, but soft fleece throws even better in her opinion. A new one of those every day would rate two paws up from all the cats, I'm sure.

Are you doing anything different in your house to change up decor in honor of spring? What is your favorite way to do it, pillows, accessories, or a bigger effort involving paint and hard labor?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Tricia said...

Congrats on writing five days this week! I was glad to see the interior of the new piece. Where did you have all that pretty crystal before? Thanks for the mention!