April 15, 2013

Bedroom mini makeover

Happy tax day, everyone. I spent the morning running around to make copies, buy envelopes and then go to the post office, but it's done now, thank goodness. 

Today I am very happy to be able to share our spring bedroom mini fix up with you. After looking at multiple thrift shops and retail stores, a new quilt was finally located at Marshalls last week. With the knowledge of how hot and miserable our  summers almost always are, the goal was to fine one with a light, cool effect. The finalist has shades of blue, green and white in a paisley design, a personal favorite.
Although it can't be seen, we  also (with the help of the unwilling Mr. B) switched out the dust ruffle from a flowered Waverly print to a box-pleated plain white  pique. Although the quilt came from Marshalls, the dust ruffle and all the pillow shams were thrift shop finds. The buttoned blue one is from Pottery Barn. The sweet blue gingham and floral linen didn't have labels. All of them were less than $1.00. Trixie is your model, while Minnie is camera shy, hiding behind the pillows.

In addition to the bed itself, areas on the dresser and dressing table also got lightened up for the season. Here is a lunch-box style container bought in Austin last winter:
It holds a blue paper parasol, some artificial lavender, fabric rose and a few other items.
On the dressing table, a cloth-covered box from Pottery Barn Teen holds a green paper parasol, faux succulents and paper butterfly box, all from earlier thrift shop expeditions. It would be great to have live plants indoors, but the cats always try to eat them, so it's hopeless.

Our house is light years away from being spring clean or decorated, but perhaps sharing these small steps of the total effort as I chip away at them will keep me motivated. Are you making seasonal changes to lighten up your living spaces? Do you use different colors, textures or all that and more?

I hope your week is off to a good start!


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