April 23, 2013

Succulents, the Sequel

Hello, friends,

When I wrote the Better Late than Never post recently, the project was done in a hurry. It's since dawned on me that the whole birdcage with plants display would look better with a third one included. We all know odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye than pairs, so it seemed like a good idea to fix this before much more time passed. I stopped at the local nursery on an errand run, and the result was this:
While I was gone to get the camera, who showed up but Trixie, Official Snoopervisor at our house:
She didn't appreciate my potting technique and tried her own, which is why there is a handful of dirt on the table in the next pictures.

Flossie, her able apprentice, checked it out, too.
I think this last container may be a silver mint julep cup; Tricia can probably confirm or refute that. I like being able to have some succulents inside for a change, and really like the contrast between their simple structure with the shiny containers. For the record, the dirt has been cleared away and the cats have given up their stakeout and returned to naps now, since no one can figure out how to break into the cage.

I hope you're having a good day and have a chance to do something fun in your house before it's over.

Until next time,

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Tricia said...

Oh, that succulent looks so cute in the julep cup! Good idea to add a third one to the mix. Michele, you are going to be in serious trouble if one of the cats learns how to open the birdcage!