April 16, 2013

Latest Loot

Hi, everyone,

We made a  brief detour out of the thrift desert last Saturday. While running errands we found one estate and one yard sale. Here is most of the haul:
One thing in the picture  wasn't bought then, the bag with the heart of buttons. It was picked up last week. One thing that was bought but isn't in the picture is a large Matelasse spread which is being used as a cover on the sofa. So, the spread, two aprons, three  hankies, one vintage cloth, one linen dish towel, an oilcloth tote bag, one pad of recipe book marks, a pen in a wooden box and old silver spoon were what we bought this past Saturday, with a grand total spent of $7.60. 
The aprons are embroidered and have pockets.
I love this bright linen tea towel with assorted birds.
I couldn't pass up this goggle-eyed cat bag for .50 cents!
This is another thing picked up last week. It has a cute red-check back.
Flossie had to see what it looked like, too.
A close up of some of the detail on this nice vintage tablecloth.
This is a wooden pen in its own box, by Structure. The price was still on the bottom, $19.00.
Three flowered handkerchiefs.
This silver demitasse spoon from the old Rice Hotel may be my favorite find from Saturday. 
I've had this a few weeks. It's a little chair made into a lamp that lives on the kitchen counter.
Flossie didn't think much of the first layout, so I straightened out the things till they met her approval.

Perhaps our luck last weekend is a good omen for a lifting of the thrift drought. I hope you'll find some treasures this week, too. Do you typically go out with a list, or instead trust to serendipity?

Till next time,

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Tricia said...

Oh, that chair lamp is PERFECT for you! I know you fell upon it with glee. I especially enjoyed seeing the red and white pillow and the aprons with embroidery. It's fun to imagine someone embroidering them and wearing them.