April 17, 2013

Better Late than Never

Hi, Peeps,

I hope your day is going well. Mine was improved by a visit from Middle Daughter Mary, in town overnight for work reasons, an unexpected treat for us.

Today I finally got around to a project first planned over a year ago. Being a big old copycat of other bloggers and magazine pictures I got the materials early-ish in 2012, but had been a real slacker about oh, actually doing the few steps necessary. Starting with this:
Cactus soil, pebbles and a silver cream pitcher and sugar bowl. They seem to be the same pattern, bought months apart in different stores. Outside my succulents have been growing like crazy, so a little dividing and we had:

This is the result, but you've probably already figured out why this won't work in the long run. Here is Plan B:
Now they're safe from nosy kitties, not able to be eaten down to the dirt the first time there's no human in the room to shoo off the furry fiends. I think the look of silver and succulents is very cool, and will probably do some more in a couple of other containers waiting to be used. If you have pets indoors, does this pose a problem to indoor plants and cut flowers, or is it just at our house it's nearly impossible?

Have a good afternoon!


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Tricia said...

Congrats on the follow-through! I've been wanting to try succulents in old silver pieces, too, but I'm still stuck in Copycat Corner. The kitty photos are too funny! You really CAN'T do anything without their help, can you?