April 10, 2013

April Door

Hi, folks,

This post should be titled D is for Dumb. It was written a week ago and after previewing, I hit "publish". Too bad it didn't occur to me to stick around and make sure that actually happened, because it didn't. Which makes last Friday's not true at all.Sigh.

Let's try again. The egg wreath from Easter was switched out last week. First, a little back story. One day in February, 2010, encountered while out walking on the sidewalk was a trash bin that had been emptied by the sanitation department, but they weren't pleased with all the content, and left some behind. There were multiple branches of pussy willow, five - six feet in length not supposed to be put out with household garbage. I grabbed as many as it was possible to carry and took them home. At some point before that, I'd seen a decoration I wanted to try, and this was the final piece needed. It took me a long time looking to find the right umbrella, but eventually one did turn up at the Sand Dollar, for under $2. Combining the two resulted in this:
A sweet ruffled child's umbrella to hold the pussy willows, the perfect way to welcome spring and its showers and flowers! Cute and dead easy as well, a combination hard to beat.

Meanwhile, we're having one of those showers right now, and thoroughly welcome it is. How is spring treating you so far? 

Stay dry!

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