April 19, 2013

What's Blooming

Hello, folks,

Today I thought you might like to see what's blooming at our house so far.
These volunteer sunflowers showed up underneath Mr. B's bird feeders in the side yard.
There is the first hint of blue in the plumbago bush by the front door. It's an old reliable and will produce tons of flowers before the year is over.
This purple beauty by the corner in the front bed is Porter plant. We had it at our previous house. It grew fast, big and bloomed consistently.
The firecracker bush sat like a lump all last year but has suddenly taken off in the past few weeks, growing rapidly and blooming. Perhaps it took to heart Mr. B's threats to yank it up if there wasn't any improvement asap!

We will be adding color to the pots on the steps and there will be at least two types of flowering vines on the fence around the house.  Hyacinth bean has a purple flower and Confederate jasmine a small white star-shaped one. I prefer coral vine, but somehow that request seems to fall on deaf ears around here! Our backyard area is small and gets the full west sun,so we don't try to grow anything back there.

What is blooming at your house? Do you spend a lot of time with your garden, or go in for tough love? Water a lot or depend upon Mother Nature?

Till next week, have a great weekend!


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Wow, spring really IS a lot more present in Houston! I enjoyed seeing the plants you've mentioned, but I had no idea they were so...prolific!